What You Need to Know About Divorce Attorneys

22 January 2021
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Divorces are never a good thing, and no one anticipates having one when getting married. However, things sometimes don't work out as people want them to, leading to divorce. Generally, there are two kinds of divorces, and you need to know where you fall: Amicable Divorce This is when you and your spouse have tried to make your marriage work, but it is just impossible. You and your spouse may agree that a divorce is the best way forward and come to an understanding on how you will raise your children together as divorced parents, without affecting their well-being. Read More 

Why Do You Need Another Affidavit to Prove Separation Under One Roof?

27 November 2019
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Making the decision to divorce isn't easy. The logistics of separating from your spouse can also be difficult. For example, while some couples split up and move into separate homes immediately, this isn't always possible. You and your spouse might have to continue to live under the same roof, say for financial reasons, at some point during your separation period. In this case, you have extra conditions to meet before a court approves your divorce. Read More 

Three Must-Know Facts for About Writing a Will for First Timers

24 February 2017
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The end of a person's mortal life is not something most people would want to talk about. However, if you care about your family and loved ones, you should put careful thought to it by writing a will that defines how your assets will be distributed after your death. You not only save your family from pain and confusion, but also save your assets from the extra taxes that would go into the execution process. Read More 

Top Reasons Why You Need a Family Lawyer in Your Corner

13 January 2017
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Family law is a sensitive branch of the law because it touches on family relations and ties. If you have any family-related issue that requires the attention of the courts, it is best to hire a family lawyer. Family lawyers specialise in the practice of laws relating to a wide range of marital matters including divorce, annulment, separation, spousal support as well as child support, child custody, child adoption, guardianship, child visitation rights, and so forth. Read More 

Modifying access arrangements when one parent has an issue with alcohol or other drugs

29 July 2016
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If you have separated from your partner and they have an addiction to alcohol and other drugs, you may be concerned about their ability to care for your children when you are not there. Here are some of the ways that the Family Court can manage this issue, whilst acting in the best interests of the child.  Insist on supervised visits If your partner has a serious history with addiction and you can prove, either through police and medical records or independent assessment that they are struggling with addiction currently you may be able to get their access visits supervised. Read More