What You Need to Know About Divorce Attorneys

22 January 2021
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Divorces are never a good thing, and no one anticipates having one when getting married. However, things sometimes don't work out as people want them to, leading to divorce. Generally, there are two kinds of divorces, and you need to know where you fall:

Amicable Divorce

This is when you and your spouse have tried to make your marriage work, but it is just impossible. You and your spouse may agree that a divorce is the best way forward and come to an understanding on how you will raise your children together as divorced parents, without affecting their well-being. You may also agree on how you will share your marital property fairly, which makes the whole divorce process simple.

In such a case, you might not necessarily need a divorce attorney if you have an idea of how the process works. However, if you have no clue of even where to start, hire a divorce lawyer to help you gather the required documents and fill them out correctly. The lawyer will also help you write up an agreement that highlights what you and your spouse have agreed on to avoid any problems in the future. Such a divorce lawyer does not cost much since the services needed do not involve a lot of work.

Unamicable Divorce

These types of divorces can get out of hand, featuring bitter spouses who do not want to listen to reason. This is mostly because they are one-sided (one spouse wants a divorce when the other does not), resulting from cheating or domestic abuse.

You and your spouse need two separate divorce attorneys to eliminate conflicts of interest and to ensure you are treated fairly throughout the case.

If you are the spouse instigating the divorce, look for a divorce lawyer who specialises in unamicable divorces and the reason you want a divorce. For example, if your spouse cheated, hire a divorce lawyer who specialises in cases of infidelity. Such a divorce lawyer has experience in such cases, meaning you will get high-quality services. The divorce lawyers will help you file a divorce petition; after which you will be required to serve your spouse with divorce papers to notify him or her that you have filed a petition for divorce in court.

If you are the spouse being served with divorce papers, hire a divorce lawyer once you receive the divorce papers. The lawyer will read the divorce papers and break it down to you in simple terms what your spouse is demanding while guiding you through the next steps you need to take. 

Reach out to a family lawyer for more information.