Modifying access arrangements when one parent has an issue with alcohol or other drugs

29 July 2016
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If you have separated from your partner and they have an addiction to alcohol and other drugs, you may be concerned about their ability to care for your children when you are not there. Here are some of the ways that the Family Court can manage this issue, whilst acting in the best interests of the child.  Insist on supervised visits If your partner has a serious history with addiction and you can prove, either through police and medical records or independent assessment that they are struggling with addiction currently you may be able to get their access visits supervised. Read More 

Lawyers: The Top Differences Between Solicitors and Barristers

10 June 2016
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Understanding the difference between a solicitor and a barrister is important for clients who wish to employ a lawyer to ensure that they're getting the best service for their case. It is also important for those getting into a career in law, so they can choose which path is best for them and their skill sets. Though they both fall under the general definition of a lawyer, solicitors and barristers do have clear and important differences. Read More 

Can a private investigator be of assistance in my divorce case?

11 May 2016
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Divorce is commonly a prickly experience in which former lovers are now enemies. With this dynamic, partners may begin to hide information or engage in activities that may risk the welfare of the family. Here are several reasons when private investigators may be hired to help in divorce cases. Proof of misconduct or adultery A private investigator can probe if a wife or husband is committing infidelity or other forms of marital misconduct. Read More