Can a private investigator be of assistance in my divorce case?

11 May 2016
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Divorce is commonly a prickly experience in which former lovers are now enemies. With this dynamic, partners may begin to hide information or engage in activities that may risk the welfare of the family. Here are several reasons when private investigators may be hired to help in divorce cases.

Proof of misconduct or adultery

A private investigator can probe if a wife or husband is committing infidelity or other forms of marital misconduct. Almost all states allow no-fault divorce grounds in granting a divorce. Nevertheless, marital misbehaviours are sometimes relevant for family court proceedings involving alimony in states in which spousal support is prohibited if the conduct of either the wife or husband led to the termination of the marriage.

A private investigator can also probe in situations in which a wife or husband is facing abuse. Such proof can help the partner obtain a restraining order which may also form the basis of pre-separation relief, including child support, custody matters and alimony.

Asset search

One of the key areas where private investigators come in handy is in finding assets. With a pending divorce, one spouse may attempt to illegally conceal assets to protect them from the family court divorce proceedings. This often happens when one partner managed majority of the financial affairs and hid these matters from the other partner for the duration of the marriage.

Spouses may try to conceal assets in various conniving ways. For instance, they may reimburse alleged loans to friends and associates who are just keeping the finance for the spouse until the divorce is settled. Additionally, one spouse may sell a given property at a throwaway price, reclaiming it once the divorce is concluded. What's more, spouses may also transfer monies to offshore accounts.

Private investigators can comb through several databases in an attempt to locate such assets. They may comb through state property records to find out whether there are any business assets that aren't being divulged. Additionally, the investigators may also examine documents that spouses provide to locate charges or dealings that help point towards hidden assets.

Child custody

If a spouse is perturbed about what transpires while the child or children are visiting the other spouse, a private investigator may be hired to examine this issue. The investigator will carry out surveillance to ascertain the use of drugs and alcohol. Likewise, they may also investigate whether or not the child is suffering abuse.