Shared Parenting After Divorce: Little Known Benefits for You and Your Kids

15 December 2021
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Separation and divorces occur for many reasons. That said, when kids are involved, the divorce can lead to emotionally charged child custody battles that see each party armed with a family lawyer to prove who is the most suitable primary caretaker. Despite many efforts and advice from attorneys and lawyers to reach an amicable agreement where applicable, many parents still fall short of understanding shared custody and successfully navigating the divorce to protect themselves and their children. 

That said, family law isn't set on who 'wins' what when couples seek divorce. Shared care arrangements are the closest way of having both parents equally involved and should take the lead over splitting possessions. Even if you are being forced to go along with shared parenting, you may not be thinking of the rewards you stand to gain with this form of arrangement. If you are having trouble looking on the bright side, here are some benefits of equal parenting time.

Parenting Roles for Both Parents 

When kids are in the picture during a divorce, sharing parenting responsibilities such as school activities, providing a safe living environment, teaching morals, discipline and more can help build lasting healthy relationships. Creating a platform for both parents to collaborate means sharing the joys and challenges of parenting. The more involved each parent is, the less tasking or stressful it will be to raise kids. 

Helps You Create a Healthy Routine 

Creating a successful two-home family takes a lot of ritual, routine and help from a family lawyer to build a new normal. While it's no easy task and requires an adjustment period, a successfully shared parenting routine will also help you plan your days better. The more you honour your new normal and parenting situation, the more well-adjusted you will be at allocating time for your kids, yourself, work, friends and family. 

Reduced Conflict Over Child Support 

If done right, shared parenting means double the resources for organic spending while raising children. Seeing that both parents are focused on the child's best interest, they will absorb all the costs incurred during the duration they have the kids, making it easier on the other parent, more so during tight financial situations. Sharing this cost of everyday incidentals is a sure way of reducing child support conflicts. 

These are just a few benefits of shared parenting on family law matters. If your soon-to-be ex-spouse is a loving and responsible parent, there is no reason your family lawyers shouldn't come up with a working co-parenting schedule that puts your kids' interests before your own. 

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